It's been a little over two months since I last had a boss (or a steady paycheck) but things are coming together. I've made a decent amount of work, I've taken over almost all of the garage, my dog is sick of seeing me all day, every day - it's great! 

Anyway, welcome all new and old acquaintances. For those unfamiliar with me or my work check out the About page. It hits most of the high points, as they were. As for this blog, I'll focus on new work, materials, techniques, events, and other things I'm sure. 

It's been so long since I've written as much as a photo caption that I'm not really sure what else to say at the moment. The pic shows the business as you would (theoretically) walk in, and yes there's currently some empty space on my ware shelves, but that will be filled very soon. I'll get a more detailed studio tour in future post.

That's it for now, just something to demonstrate proof of life. Back to work.