I make ceramic objects of all sorts, for all purposes, for fame and profit. :D

etcArts (etcetera•arts) is the business name for ceramic artist/potter Eric Sewell, who has been doing this thing off and on for over 15 years. 

The short story is I've been making ceramic work (somewhat) steadily since college and etcArts is the business/brand/entity that I create work as. This online presence was established in 2007, maintained regularly until about 2014 or so, and then rebooted in June 2017.

The LONG(er) story is that I, Eric (that's me, writing this) became interested in clay while pursuing an art degree of some sort in college. After graduation I applied to graduate schools, taught college level design and illustration, worked as a production artist, and worked as a tech support trainer for a medical software company, at various times, over a period of 12 years, with some gaps and overlap and chronology thrown in. Over that time I've gotten to a place where I have a not-tiny electric kiln and enough space to create things and sell them and pay the mortgage.

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